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Croeso i Ysgol Llansannor a Llanhari yr Eglwys yng Nghymru

Together with God, we will explore, discover and flourish

Ynghya â Duw, byddwn yn archwilio, darganfod a blodeuo

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Y Sennedd Llansannor

Y Sennedd Llansannor.


We are delighted that we are able to re-start our Sennedd groups this term at Llansannor! Pupil Voice is so important to us and we place your children's opinion in the greatest of esteem.


Pupil voice groups give pupils an opportunity to give an opinion on decisions that actively affect them. It also gives pupils the chance to experience of what it is like to be part of a democratic society where everyone's opinion matters.


At Llansannor we include every pupil from year 2 upwards and we allocate protected time in order to have high quality discussions and so everyone can be heard.


Our groups are:


  • Worship leaders led by Mrs Davies - this group is involved in the spirituality of the school. We will be focussing on how we can be more reflective and improve our assembly (or worship sessions).


  • Eco-warriors led by Miss Rees - this group will be looking at how we can more sustainable and how everyone has a part to play to achieve this.


  • Digital Leaders led by Mrs Goldsworthy - focussing on the digital aspect of the school. Mrs Goldsworthy and her group will be looking at how we can use technology in the best way and how we can stay safe online.


  • SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group) led by Miss Pelech, will be looking how how we can improve the food that fuels our bodies and how we as a school can support that.


  • Playground Buddies led by Miss Williams and Mr Pearce - Focussing on our playtime and how we can improve it, this group will be finding out more about how we can make our break times more successful and friendly.


  • Language ambassadors and Criw Cymraeg led by Mr Morris - speaking more than one language is so advantageous in our daily and future lives. This group will be encouraging everyone to speak different languages. 


  • School Ambassadors led by Mrs Miller- looking at developing a clear understanding of Children's rights. This group will also be making decisions on fundraising events and how to involve the whole school, when making choices.


If your child is in the involved year groups then ask them about what group they are in and the actions they are completing. It will be good to get your views too!