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United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Children

Children and young people have 42 rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). These 42 rights give children and young people what they need to grow up happily, healthily and safely.

In 2011 Wales became the first country in the UK to make the UNCRC part of its domestic law. 

There are four themes of the UNCRC; Development, Survival, Protection, Participation.


As a school, our Learning Ambassadors lead assemblies and lessons to help our children understand the rights at a suitable level for their age. We also have themed days and activities to help our learners apply the rights to their everyday world and experiences.


For example, we will discuss rights in greater detail when exploring anti-bullying week, cyberbullying, Black History Month, charity events and our work on our Values and Positive Relationships.

Further information


For more information, please see the following guide and poster:

Parent Guide:

Super Ambassadors


Super Ambassadors is a scheme from the Children’s Commissioner for Wales that aims to promote children’s rights and the UNCRC in schools.


Every year, two of our year 5 or year 6 Learning Ambassadors also receive training to become a Super Ambassador.  Super Ambassadors have three jobs. These are to:

  • Inform other pupils in their school about the Commissioner and her powers
  • Make sure other pupils know about children’s rights under the UNCRC.
  • Do special missions for the Commissioner in their school – these inform the work of the Commissioner's office and have a real impact on our work and on children’s rights in Wales.